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Missing Nine (미씽나인) {Series Review}

Plot overview from asianwiki:

9 people from Legend Entertainment fly on a private plane to a concert. The 9 people consists of entertainers Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyungho), Choi Tae Ho (Choi Tae Joon), Ha Ji Ah (Lee Sun Bin), Lee Yeol (Park Chanyeol), Yoon Sohee (Ryu Won) and staff members Ra Bonghee (Baek Jin Hee), Jung Ki Joon (Oh Jung-Se), Hwang Jae Kook (Kim Sangho), Tae Ho Hang (Tae Hangho). The plane then becomes involved in a mysterious crash. The 9 people survive, but are stranded on a deserted island.

4 months later, Ra Bonghee returns to South Korea as the only survivor & witness from the plane crash.

Main Cast: Baek Jin Hee (백진희), Jung Kyung Ho (정경호), Oh Jung-Se (오정세), Choi Tae Joon (최태준), Lee Sun Bin (이선빈), Park Chanyeol (박찬열), Kim Sang-ho (김상호), Tae Hang-Ho (태항호)
Language: Korean
# of episodes: 16
Airing Date: January 2017
OST: Punch – 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 (When My Loneliness Calls Out to You)

Also love this song so much too! Our Chenchen’s voice is so beautiful~ so perfect for OSTs ♡

CHEN – 안녕 못해

Read my first impressions of this drama here: Missing Nine (미씽나인) First Impressions

I wish this drama had been a bit more serious and a bit less silly lol. The comedic relief was so distracting and took away from the whole we’re-stranded-on-a-deserted-island situation.

Also for people who spent four months on a deserted island, they look wayyyyy too clean lol. Oh wells. That is the world of kdrama – even when you’re too poor to the point of not being able to afford food, you still look fabulous starving haha.

I’ve never seen Choi Tae Joon act before. I first knew of him from Hello Counselor and he shows such a bright and kind personality on that show that it was weird watching him be a complete douchebag in this drama. I think he did a wonderful job though because I hated his guts so much lol.

Missing Nine 09

Seo Joon Oh was such a ridiculous character in the beginning. He was pathetic and useless but I liked the character development he went through throughout the drama. He was like a completely different person towards the end. Much more reliable and likable. Of course, everything that happened to his character in the past was one huge misunderstanding.

Speaking of Seo Joon Oh, I really think he and Ra Bonghee were an adorable couple together. I liked how they depended and protected each other. It was really cute.

Missing Nine 08

The drama was frustrating to watch about 90% of the time because the bad guys just kept winning and I just…couldn’t stop screaming at how stupid the characters were. Like seriously, you’re up against a celebrity. Just video record him doing the shady stuff and post it online; let it spread on SNS. His career would be OVER. Honestly, most of their problems could have been solved if they used the power of SNS.

Good prevailed in the end so I’m glad. But the last bit at the end of the last episode confused me. It made no sense and was so out of place? I just don’t get it lol. I don’t understand what the writer was trying to get with that part.

Missing Nine 10


(May contain major spoilers)

Was it established that they knew Taeho killed Yeol? I was sad to see Chanyeol die since his character was really cute. I found it funny when Seo Joon Oh was having flashback of their time as Dreamers, Chanyeol wasn’t part of the scenes. Lol. The photoshoot and the bonding was just between him and Taeho lol. Chanyeol, your part was really minor. So minor they forgot all about you sometimes lol. Also, they never even found his body too…

Speaking of Taeho, he killed so many people. Jaehyun (kinda), Sohee, the pilot, Yeol, and the journalist. I don’t understand why he killed the pilot though. Was he going to eat him? One less person wasn’t going to affect his chances of surviving; in fact, I think it would have helped!

Another thing I didn’t understand was why the evil CEO dude shaved his head. That came out of nowhere lol. Was it supposed to symbolize him repenting? He didn’t seem very regretful about his sins.

The ending made even less sense to me. Taeho was supposed to have been sentenced to jail for his sins right? He killed so many people! But then he’s there with the rest of them painting Ra Bonghee’s house. Bonghee’s mom was even asking how many people Taeho killed but was never given an answer. He killed a lot of people so how was he out of jail so soon?! CEO Hwang Jae Kook was still in a wheelchair so not much time could have passed.

So many plot holes in this drama lol. The ending especially got me going wtf. But whatevers. It was a good time killer~


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