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Provocateur (與諜同謀): Episode 4 Recap

After the deaths of his first and second wife, cosmetic mogul Cheuk Gwan Lam tries to turn over a new leaf. As fate would have it, he encounters a resourceful young man known as Ringo Poon, through whom he sees a younger version of himself. Cheuk Gwan Lam develops a familial attachment towards Ringo. The young man also wins the favor of Cheuk’s secretary Rachel Chan, who believes that Ringo would lead the company, Endless Beauty, to success. Rachel, still mourning over the disappearance of her husband Vincent many years ago, drowns herself with work. Endless Beauty, as well as Cheuk Gwan Lam himself, becomes her sole purpose in life. Ringo exploits the trust Rachel has in him, also winning Cheuk Gwan Lam’s approval. Little do they know that Ringo is actually secretly conspiring with a team of talented people on the sly to steal trade secrets from large corporations for money. Ringo has been planning this for years, seeking the best opportunity to take destructive revenge on Endless Beauty.

Ringo and the crew are at their base watching an interview with Cheuk Gwan Lam and his success with Endless Beauty. They’re next plan of action is to target Endless Beauty’s online presence.


Flashback to when Ringo was checking out the IT department. Rachel stops him before he can tap his access card to the card reader. She tells him that he can’t be randomly tapping his card anywhere. Especially not at the IT department because security will come and question him if they see a record of his entrance. The security is very tight in that department.

This mission is all on Yan Yan this time since she’s the only one who can work her way around computers so well. Yan Yan refuses and bites Turtle for forcing her but Ringo has the last word in and says she has to go.


Ringo is in a meeting with Cheuk Gwan Lam and other managers in the other departments. Cheuk Gwan Lam finds out that their website has been having problems lately. The group that’s in charge of their website maintenance are going back to India and won’t be back until after the holidays. Cheuk Gwan Lam orders Ringo and Rachel to go with him to pick up said group from the airport to prevent them from leaving.

Ringo sends a text to have Turtle stop the elevator they’re in. Ringo is off to the side and tapping his fingers in a rhythm. Cheuk Gwan Lam notices this.

Suddenly, Rachel comes up with an idea. She screams into the intercom that she’s pregnant. This speeds up the rescue efforts. Soon the elevator works and once they reach the ground floor, they’re greeted by firefighters. Cheuk Gwan Lam and Ringo rush out of there first while Rachel stays behind to apologize for lying.


Yan Yan is throwing a tantrum at the warehouse. She cuts up the clothes Amber provided for her to wear to her interview and bit Cyrus. Turtle tries to talk Yan Yan into it but she continues to refuse. Ringo returns to this chaos and tries his hand at persuading Yan Yan. He tries to bribe her that he’ll bring her to Japan to find (someone?) but she doesn’t believe him. Yan Yan will only listen to Turtle so he gives it a try.

Turtle takes Yan Yan out and confiscates her cell phone. She needs to talk to strangers to ask for directions to get back to their warehouse. She unwillingly goes and ask a lady for directions. Then she turns a corner and makes a run for it. Turtle tries to chase her down and finds her chilling at a convenience store. He gets pissed and drags her back outside.


Yan Yan gets frustrated. She doesn’t want to go out, see people, dress properly, and wear makeup. Turtle chides her to have little more courage so she can live a normal life but her attention is caught somewhere across the street. She sees three woman happily going shopping and runs away. Turtle tries to chase after her but loses sight of her.

Yan Yan is sitting on the ledge of a rooftop reminiscing about her childhood. Memories flash of her mother treating her two older sisters better and ignoring her presence. Her mother blames her for the reason their father left. She immerses herself in reading comics and tries to find a way to read without paying – which starts her hacking career.


Turtle finds her and thinks she wants to jump off the building again – referencing to when they first met. What actually happened was Yan Yan was so hungry she fainted. Then she managed to climb down from the second floor and fell into Turtle.


The two of them are sitting against the ledge eating cup noodles. Yan Yan thanks Turtle for being there for her at her lowest point in life. When she saw her sisters and mother again so happy, she realized she doesn’t really fit in in this real world.


In the end, she’s decided. She refuses to go to work.

Yan Yan is reading a comic book at the warehouse when Turtle tempts her with a box of cup noodles. She doesn’t give in. He takes out the big guns. He has a autographed comic book by her favorite author and Yan Yan really wants it. Still, she refuses to go work at Endless Beauty. Turtle threatens to burn the book and that’s when Yan Yan gives in. She only agrees to working for two days though. That’s more than enough for Turtle.


Cheuk Gwan Lam takes Ringo to their customer service center to check it out. At that moment, one of the reps is having a hard time understanding a customer. Cheuk Gwan Lam takes a look at the chat box and is impressed by her knowledge. Yan Yan is basically on the other side telling Cheuk Gwan Lam what exactly is the problem with his website and how to fix it. Cheuk Gwan Lam invites her to come see their boss for a job and eggs her on when she refuses. Eventually, he gets under her skin and Yan Yan starts on attacking his system but Turtle pulls her away and disconnects the chat.


Despite the disconnect, Cheuk Gwan Lam is certain she will come to see her out.

Later, Yan Yan appears at the reception desk dressed quite outrageously, demanding to see the customer service rep she spoke with. Cheuk Gwan Lam is smug because he was right.

Yan Yan starts her first day at Endless Beauty. She in given a quick tour and Ringo introduces himself. He looks extremely uneasy when she leaves. Yan Yan gets taken to the IT department. She makes a bee line towards the head of the department’s office – Ivan. Her coworker tells her that only Ivan’s keycard and password can unlock the room. Then she is taken to her desk and given her assigned tasks.


Later on, Ivan enters the office. Yan Yan watches him as he enters his code in.

At the end of the day, Yan Yan goes to the bathroom and wipes all the makeup off on her face. As she goes to put on her hat, she drops her face mask on the floor. Rachel picks it up for her. Yan Yan quickly puts the mask on and rushes out of there. The custodial lady calls after her that she left her makeup bag behind but Yan Yan just tells her she can have it.

At Rachel’s home, Mr. Hong chides her for working too hard when she should be resting at home. He says he’s all grown up and can take care of all the chores. Then he reminds her to book the event hall for the upcoming parent-teacher conference for his class.


The next morning as they’re leaving the apartment, Mr. Hong forgot his water bottle. Rachel goes inside to get it while he goes to press the button for the elevator first.

At the same moment, Ringo is leaving his apartment too. Mr. Hong greets him and asks when can Ringo teach him how to ride a bike. Ringo asks for Mr. Hong’s lunchbox as payment for the lessons. Then he leaves first and tells Mr. Hong not to tell his mom.


Ringo joins Ivan for lunch later that day. They talk a little bit about work before Ringo asks the other if he can break a HK$100 bill. Ivan takes out his wallet and is rummaging through it as Ringo takes his first bite of his food. He accidentally spits it out on Ivan. He apologizes but Ivan brushes it off and goes to the restroom to clean up. He left his wallet on the table.


Yan Yan appears then with her cell phone. She places it on top of Ivan’s wallet and it does a scanning thing. She praises Ringo for his acting but he says it wasn’t acting. The food really is hard to eat. Yan Yan wants a taste but Ringo doesn’t let her. They get into a hands slapping battle that ends in a few growls. Then the hacking is completed so he tells her to leave.


Yan Yan successfully makes a copy of Ivan’s card key in the restroom.


Cheuk Gwan Lam and Rachel are at the company entrance when they see Yan Yan walking back into the building with a face mask on. Sine Cheuk Gwan Lam finds the other looking so familiar, Rachel explains that she’s the new employee they hired in the IT department. She also tells him about what happened in the restroom the other day. Cheuk Gwan Lam thinks all IT people are a little strange.

Their car arrives and the two get in.

The two of them are walking around the outdoor plaza monitoring the makeup sampling event going on for their company. They see one of their reps try to pull a customer in but she says she doesn’t like makeup and leaves. Cheuk Gwan Lam wonders how great it would be if they could develop products that could entice even those that don’t like make up. Rachel agrees and mentions their newly hired employee Irene (Yan Yan) as an example.


Cheuk Gwan Lam suddenly remembers her saying make up is part of her life in the chat box a while back and is wondering why she lied when she clearly doesn’t like make up.

Yan Yan is standing in front of Ivan’s office door. She remembers seeing him enter his passcode from the reflection of the picture and successfully enters. She goes to the laptop and opens it to find it is password locked. Yan Yan tries Ivan’s birthday but it doesn’t work.

Cheuk Gwan Lam calls the security team’s phone and ask them to go check out the IT department. They call him back and tell him only Ivan is there at the moment. Cheuk Gwan Lam then calls Ivan and finds out he’s eating dinner with his family. Cheuk Gwan Lam tells his driver to go back to the company. Then he calls back the security team and tells them to keep an eye on whoever is in the IT department.

Cyrus knocks out the security guard who receives the instructions to keep an eye on the IT department and takes his place. He lets Ringo know that Cheuk Gwan Lam knows and is on his way back. Ringo, who is sitting in a van monitoring the CCTVs, lets Yan Yan know. She continues to try more passwords but it doesn’t work. She’s down to her last try now. She remembers the numbers on Ivan’s bracelet and tries that. It finally works and she’s in.


Cheuk Gwan Lam arrives and is coming in. Ringo rushes Yan Yan. She finishes at the last second and escapes before Cheuk Gwan Lam comes in.


Back at the warehouse, Turtle presents Yan Yan with her rewards. She’s over the roof when she has the autographed copy in her hands. She compares it with a picture she has on her phone and realizes it’s fake. She gets mad and bites Turtle. Ringo has to pull her off him and promises to go find the real one for her. Cyrus takes a look at the fake and chides Turtle for not practicing the forgery.

Amber cuts in and directs them back to business. Now that they have all of Endless Beauty’s client’s information, what are they going to do with it now.

The next day at work, their call center is flood with calls of complaints. Cheuk Gwan Lam pulls Rachel and Ringo out to eat. Rachel explains to Ringo that Cheuk Gwan Lam usually thinks of a plan when eating. During their meal, Cheuk Gwan Lam asks if they encountered any special calls. Ringo tells him he had one. An old man ordered some products he wanted to send to his daughter. If he doesn’t receive it by today, it won’t get to her in time to be used on her wedding day.


Cheuk Gwan Lam tells Rachel to load up the car with the products needed. He and Ringo will personally go and delivery the goods ordered.

They drive until the road ends. They would have to continue by foot. Just then, it starts raining. Ringo suggests they wait it out otherwise their products would get wet. Cheuk Gwan Lam spots a couple nearby under cover from the rain and asks to borrow their bikes. They agree. The two put on raincoats and set off.

When they arrive at, the rain stopped. The old man who answered is angry at first for the late delay in delivery but when he realized it was Endless Beauty’s boss personally delivering he, he forgives them after seeing this display of sincerity.


After making all the deliveries, the two go to an outdoor cafe to rest. Cheuk Gwan Lam stares at Ringo after he’s made his order. After Ringo excuses himself to the restroom, Cheuk Gwan Lam looks a little troubled.


Cheuk Gwan Lam and Rachel are riding in the car together when Rachel receives a call from one of Mr. Hong’s classmate’s mom. She’s asking to confirm if their room was booked. Rachel tells her it was and that she’ll meet them there later. After she hangs up, she freaks out because she forgot to confirm the reservation. Cheuk Gwan Lam has his driver take them directly to the hotel.

There, the other parents are making a ruckus because they can’t find any reservations under Rachel’s name. She arrives and they surround her, scolding and blaming her for messing this up. Cheuk Gwan Lam steps in and fixes everything with a phone call.


Afterwards, the ladies that were previously yelling at Rachel are sucking up to her since the event turned out so nice and fancy. Cheuk Gwan Lam tells them to try to be a bit more understanding since Rachel is very busy with work and as a single parent.


Cheuk Gwan Lam is chilling by the poolside when his staff comes with a plate of sandwich done exactly like how Ringo ordered when they were at the cafe. He picks up his tablet with Ringo’s resume on it and wonders who is this guy exactly.



Ringo is so freaking adorable with Mr. Hong. His childish side comes out and I’m just cooing because it’s so cute. Handsome guys with kids is just so heartwarming lol.

I figured out a way to crop/edit pictures quickly (less than a minute!) and this video was pretty HQ so I decided to take more screencaps~ hehe I hope you enjoyed it! ^^

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