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Provocateur (與諜同謀): Episode 11 Recap

After the deaths of his first and second wife, cosmetic mogul Cheuk Gwan Lam tries to turn over a new leaf. As fate would have it, he encounters a resourceful young man known as Ringo Poon, through whom he sees a younger version of himself. Cheuk Gwan Lam develops a familial attachment towards Ringo. The young man also wins the favor of Cheuk’s secretary Rachel Chan, who believes that Ringo would lead the company, Endless Beauty, to success. Rachel, still mourning over the disappearance of her husband Vincent many years ago, drowns herself with work. Endless Beauty, as well as Cheuk Gwan Lam himself, becomes her sole purpose in life. Ringo exploits the trust Rachel has in him, also winning Cheuk Gwan Lam’s approval. Little do they know that Ringo is actually secretly conspiring with a team of talented people on the sly to steal trade secrets from large corporations for money. Ringo has been planning this for years, seeking the best opportunity to take destructive revenge on Endless Beauty.

Cheuk Gwan Lam is on his usual morning exercise walk when he gets dizzy and sways on his feet. Ah Sang thinks he should go check it out but Cheuk Gwan Lam insists its just because he hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately and brushes it off.


Ringo sees Rachel on his way out and purposely skids to a stop near her with his bicycle to scare her. The two have a brief playful banter before parting ways.


Ringo arrives at the warehouse with bags full of cup noodles for Yan Yan. Her progress on hacking Italy’s warehouse is going well.

Amber arrives looking for Cyrus but he’s busy doing something. She’s sure he’s avoiding her.

After Amber leaves, Ringo receives a text message from Chin Wing Tong to meet him later that night.


He goes to meet him and Chin Wing Tong is throwing a hissy fit. Endless Beauty is about to go public, the streets are plastered with their new product’s advertisement, and he doesn’t see Ringo anything about it. Fed up, Ringo whispers in his ear what the plan is and it satisfies Chin Wing Tong immensely.

At the next meeting at work, Cheuk Gwan Lam introduces TC as their new CEO. After getting an update from all the other departments’ managers, Cheuk Gwan Lam goes to show TC his office. Rachel receives a phone call from Mr. Hong’s teacher telling her that Mr. Hong didn’t turn in his homework today.


That night Rachel questions her son about it but he refuses to explain. He gets angry and goes to his room.


Mr. Hong calls Ringo and asks if he can remember what his father looks like. Ringo gets emotional thinking back and tells Mr. Hong that since his father left him when he was really young, he doesn’t remember him at all. Mr. Hong tells him that he made his mom mad today. He explained about the homework assignment to draw his family but he couldn’t do it because he couldn’t remember what his father looked like. Ringo does his best to try to comfort the kid while Rachel is standing outside the room, listening to everything her son says.


Laura arrives later that night with the shirt Rachel asked her to make. Rachel sees it and breaks down. She’s realizing that what she wants and reality are two different things. She’s trying her best but she’s upset that she can’t give Mr. Hong what he really wants. Laura comforts her friend and tells her she’s doing a great job already.


Cheuk Gwan Lam is at a golf course meeting up with some bankers when he receives an urgent phone call and returns to the company. There, they get in contact with their people over in Italy and find out problems have risen with the new 797M product. At this moment, there’s no way they can release this product before their company goes public.


An interview broadcast is conducted with Cheuk Gwan Lam. The interviewer says she’s heard rumors that they’ve run into some problems with their new products and asks about it. Cheuk Gwan Lam neither admits nor denies it. He just confirms that they will never release products that would harm their users/consumers.

After the interview, Cheuk Gwan Lam is constantly hounded by reporters. At home, Mani approaches him and apologizes for her mistake and disappointing him. She suggests she resign to take responsibility but Cheuk Gwan Lam talks her out of it and just tells her to learn from this experience.


Cyrus is chilling at a cafe alone when Amber calls him. He pretends like he hasn’t been avoiding her. She tells him there’s something she has to clear between the two of them and tells him to meet her at the usual place. Cyrus goes to meet her but outside he sees Mani almost crashing her car into the road barrier.

He goes to check on her and demands to know what’s wrong with her. The two of them go back into the cafe and talk. Mani lets loose everything that’s upset her about work. Cyrus earnestly listens meanwhile ignoring Amber’s calls.


Then he texts her that he can’t make it. Amber proceeds to get pissed drunk.

The guy at the next table is eyeing her. His girlfriend on the other hand, sees this and is displeased.

When she leaves the bar, the group at the next table is slightly behind her. Amber sways on her feet and the guy immediately goes to help her. His girlfriend gets jealous and yells at Amber for coming on to her man. The two woman are about to get into a fight when a pair of patrolling police sees them and takes them back to the station.


Amber’s lawyer arrives with Amber’s older sister. The two get into an argument about Amber’s behavior and Amber storms off.


Cyrus is outside the hotel where Amber is staying at waiting for her. He’s worried about her but Amber is just a ball of anger at the moment. She doesn’t want to talk to him but Cyrus keeps trying to get her to calm down.


Ah Sang and Cheuk Gwan Lam are driving by and see Amber and Cyrus arguing across the street. Cheuk Gwan Lam recognizes Amber as one of the girls who helped them do the testing.

It’s D-Day for Endless Beauty going public. Unfortunately, their stocks have been plummeting ever since the market opened. Cheuk Gwan Lam is pulled into an emergency meeting with the board members. They’re putting pressure on him for the company’s poor performance upon going public.


In another meeting in his office, Cheuk Gwan Lam and TC realize that there’s someone messing with their company and it’s highly probable that it’s Chin Wing Tong. But he’s also not this smart so there much be someone behind him that’s pulling all the strings. TC works on finding out who it is.

Cheuk Gwan Lam calls Ding-Ye out to the golf course to ask for help. Ding-Ye of course agrees. Then Chin Wing Tong appears and taunts Cheuk Gwan Lam about his falling stock price. Cheuk Gwan Lam gets so pissed off that he ends up fainting.


Mani and Rachel arrive at the hospital and ask the doctor what’s wrong with Cheuk Gwan Lam. The doctor is unable to give an answer and needs to do more tests. The two woman go to see Cheuk Gwan Lam and he tells them he trusts them to handle everything properly.


All news outlets now are talking about how poorly Endless Beauty’s stocks are doing ever since it went public.


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