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The Witness (我是证人) (2015) {Movie Review}

Plot overview from IMDB:

After escaping an abduction attempt, a blind woman and the young man who witnessed the crime aid the police in trying to identify the man responsible.

Main Cast: Yang Mi (杨幂), Lu Han (鹿晗), Wang Jingchun (王景春), Zhu Yawen (朱亚文)
Language: Chinese
Genre: Suspense, Crime, Drama
Duration: 112 minutes
Release Date: October 2015

The Witness_08

This is a remake of the Korean movie Blind (블라인드), starring Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Seung Ho. I’ve never seen the original so I can’t compare it. Watched this at work and halfway through, I figured it was a bad idea; I was not expecting this movie to be so intense. Probably would have been ten times more enjoyable if I watched this movie on a bigger screen instead of my dinky phone screen lol.

The Witness_02

I’ll be honest. I watched this movie for Luhan. I think this was his first movie after leaving EXO? Anyways, only had 20 Once Again as a base to judge his acting. I think he did pretty good in this. It wasn’t amazing acting but it wasn’t a distracting-makes-me-cringe-bad either so good job Luhan! ^^

The Witness_03

The movie starts off with Lu Xiaoxing (Yang Mi) going to drag her younger brother home. The two get into a car accident which cost Xiaoxing’s sight and her younger brother’s life. Three years later, Xiaoxing has adjusted to life as a blind woman and tries to reapply to the police force but is rejected. The ‘taxi’ she calls for ends up hitting a woman. When she goes out of the car to find out what happen, the driver tries to brush it off and shove her back into the car. They have a brief scuffle before the driver flees and leaves her alone in the rain.

The Witness_05The Witness_04

Lin Chong (Luhan) is a reckless teen that reports to the police station as a witness to the incident but no one believes him.

As Xiaoxing sets off to solve this case with Captain Lu (Wang Jingchun), she finds that her life, and Lin Chong’s are in danger with the murderer targeting them next.

The one thing I really liked about this movie was clever they were with working with Xiaoxing’s blindness. The chasing part where she used the video call feature on her cell phone (and also those yellow thingys on the floor, I don’t know what they are  but they seem to have it on the sidewalks in Asia!) to have Lin Chong help her navigate her escape was really smart! Talk about using modern day technology. Probably my favorite scene in the whole movie.

The Witness_06

And a major spoiler: her seeing dog dies. Since I was watching this at work, I had to try really hard not to cry because it was such a heartbreaking scene. The murderer is already scum for kidnapping girls and killing them but to also kill the dog in cold-blood like that…cries.

The Witness_10The Witness_09

Can’t believe I waited this long to watch this movie (a year and a half later! lol) but I’m glad I finally did! It was good! Going to go watch the original when I have time and maybe compare. But in the meantime, I’d definitely recommend this movie! ♥

The Witness_07


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