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Provocateur (與諜同謀): Episode 20 Recap

After the deaths of his first and second wife, cosmetic mogul Cheuk Gwan Lam tries to turn over a new leaf. As fate would have it, he encounters a resourceful young man known as Ringo Poon, through whom he sees a younger version of himself. Cheuk Gwan Lam develops a familial attachment towards Ringo. The young man also wins the favor of Cheuk’s secretary Rachel Chan, who believes that Ringo would lead the company, Endless Beauty, to success. Rachel, still mourning over the disappearance of her husband Vincent many years ago, drowns herself with work. Endless Beauty, as well as Cheuk Gwan Lam himself, becomes her sole purpose in life. Ringo exploits the trust Rachel has in him, also winning Cheuk Gwan Lam’s approval. Little do they know that Ringo is actually secretly conspiring with a team of talented people on the sly to steal trade secrets from large corporations for money. Ringo has been planning this for years, seeking the best opportunity to take destructive revenge on Endless Beauty.

Cheuk Gwan Lam asks to see Mani at work the next day and mentions seeing her with Howard. She tells her father that she noticed Howard changed but there’s no way they would get back together. They can be friends. She only wants to focus on work.


Turtle drags Yan Yan to go to the congee shop to see her father. He tells her that her father turned the evidence in and Chan Kau and his daughter are being investigated. Since everything ended well, Yan Yan wants to leave but Turtle drags her enter the shop.

Ah Yuk’s wife brings them each a bowl of congee and they all sit down to talk. Yan Yan asks him why he left and he tells her the truth. His wife, him, and Yan Yan’s mother were all good friend but he and his wife were originally lovers. Unfortunately, he and Yan Yan’s mother had a drunken one night stand. So he took responsibility and married her and had their three daughters.


Years later her found out that his now wife had stage 4 cancer. He secretly went to visit her and she asked to go see the Buddha’s Light at a mountain as her last wish. They had only planned to live there for a few months but it turned into two years. He doesn’t know if it’s because the food was purer or because the air was cleaner but something about living there improved his wife’s health. It was like a miracle.

After they came back, he couldn’t bring himself to go see his family. But he missed them terribly. Yan Yan admits to missing him too. Then she starts quietly eating the congee. Turtle explains since she’s eating it, it means she’s forgiven them.


Ah Yuk then asks Turtle to go help him throw away some trash.

As the two are pushing the cart, Ah Yuk thanks Turtle for helping them solve their family problems. Then he tells him to help him take good care of Yan Yan.

Turtle returns and the two leave. Yan Yan isn’t really paying attention to where she’s walking and almost walks into a pole. Turtle saves her. She doesn’t have much worries since she knows Turtle will always be by her side. Turtle doesn’t say anything. He just offers his hand and the two continue walking hand-in-hand.


Ringo is out eating with his team and they’re all upset and worried about the condition of the company. He reassures them that if there will be layoffs, it would start at the management level first.

Dylan’s access to his computer is denied. Cheuk Gwan Lam enters the office and tells him that he’s fired. Dylan stops acting and is very smug. He tells Cheuk Gwan Lam that not only is he leaving, he’s taking his team with him too. Though in reality, none of them follow him up. Dylan is escorted off the premises.


Ah Sang delivers all the background reports on Ringo’s team to Cheuk Gwan Lam. He realizes all their recent problems has been orchestrated by Ringo and his team. Ah Sang also tells him that Turtle has a younger brother in the hospital.


Turtle goes to the hospital to visit his brother again. There he runs into someone he knows. The guy mentions fMRI, a company with a new treatment that’s coming to Hong Kong for a workshop. Turtle rushes back to check to see if he got the invitation.


They attend the workshop and really believe the treatments could work.

Turtle authorizes for his brother to get some tests run and the doctor reports back that this treatment could work for his brother. There are a few issues though. First, Hong Kong doesn’t really have the technology so he would have to take his brother to America to get the treatment. Also, the second issue is that it’s quite expensive; it’s at least 10 million dollars (hkd). Turtle will should think it over but he doesn’t have much time as there are only a few spots. He needs to let them know by next week.


At the warehouse, Turtle is excited that this job is almost done. He really needs the money real soon but won’t tell the rest of them the real reason why. Ringo starts getting suspicious.

Yan Yan finds Turtle at the hospital. He tells her the reason he needs money immediately is to send his brother to America for treatment. Yan Yan offers her money to him but he refuses. He just tells her to save it and if he really does need it, he’ll let her know. Yan Yan agrees and then offers to look up the company providing the treatment.


An angry crowd is protesting outside Endless Beauty. Soon they start throwing stuff. Ringo arrives in time and shields Rachel from all the projectiles.

His forehead gets grazed and Rachel tends to his wounds. It’s minor and after slapping a band-aid on it, tells him to get back to work.



Chin Wing Tong is having a party on his boat with a few of the other board members. Lok Yat Fan arrives late and runs into one lady. She tells him since he’s such good buddies with Chin Wing Tong he must have earned a lot of money. He’s not sure what she’s talking about. She tells him that Chin Wing Tong sold all his stocks before the investigation of the warehouse happened and made a lot of money. She’s surprised that he didn’t tell Lok Yat Fan.


On the day of the wedding dress exhibition, Mani is giving out orders to the team and lets them know that they can’t make any mistakes. One of them is reciting the proposal speech to Ringo and he doesn’t think it’s good enough. He gives her a new speech.

Rachel is walking by and hears him. It’s the same exact speech he told her years ago on her wedding day. She remembers and finally recognizes him at the actor who recited it to her.


The two go back to the same area where it happened and she asks him why he never told her. He did but she said she didn’t remember anything so he let it go. Rachel admits that she has always remembered that moment. Rachel tells her it was because of his words that gave her the confidence to get married.


Rachel tells Laura what she found out and she thinks it’s Fate.

Mr. Hong tells his mom that he needs to draw a star chart for homework but he doesn’t know how to. Neither Rachel nor Laura knows either. Mr. Hong thinks he knows who can help them.

Mr. Hong, Rachel, and Ringo go camping together to look at stars. Ringo has a rotating star map that allows them to find and identity stars. Mr. Hong is amazed and they continue finding the constellations in the sky.


Eventually, Mr. Hong falls asleep. Ringo puts him in the tent. Rachel comes with a birthday cake for Ringo. It’s his birthday. After Ringo makes a wish, they just eat the cake like that without cutting it.


Ringo praises the cake and knows it was Rachel who made it because he found a egg shell in it. He says this is more like her style. The two soon get playful, wiping the cream on each other’s faces.

The wedding exhibit was unsuccessful. Mani is upset and spends the whole day reading the horrible comments. She goes to Disneyland with Howard again to let off some steam.


Howard receives a phone call from the woman he was cheating on Mani with. She tells him she’s pregnant. He goes to see her and she demands money from him.


Cheuk Gwan Lam approaches them. He tells Howard to stay away from Mani. Howard begs him to give him another chance. He already broke up with her before he left Hong Kong. That kid really isn’t his.

Cheuk Gwan Lam tells her to go get a paternity test and the woman gets mad. She refuses and leaves. Howard thanks him for helping him.


The woman goes to see Ah Sang and he gives her a check. She tells him she forgot everything that just happened.

Mani throws a party at her house to reward her employees for all their hard work. Ringo asks where Cheuk Gwan Lam is and Mani tells him that she doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Later on Ringo wanders around and Rachel asks what he’s doing. He tells her he’s going to look for the bathroom. Rachel gets called away to take pictures while. Ringo enters the house and explores.

Cheuk Gwan Lam returns and sees everyone out on the patio. Since he doesn’t see Ringo, he asks about him. Rachel tells him he went to the bathroom.

Ringo finds Cheuk Gwan Lam’s home office and enters. He pokes around and finds the “Martin” cellphone and reads the messages from Rachel. Cheuk Gwan Lam finds him and asks what’s he doing.


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