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Provocateur (與諜同謀): Episode 25 Recap

After the deaths of his first and second wife, cosmetic mogul Cheuk Gwan Lam tries to turn over a new leaf. As fate would have it, he encounters a resourceful young man known as Ringo Poon, through whom he sees a younger version of himself. Cheuk Gwan Lam develops a familial attachment towards Ringo. The young man also wins the favor of Cheuk’s secretary Rachel Chan, who believes that Ringo would lead the company, Endless Beauty, to success. Rachel, still mourning over the disappearance of her husband Vincent many years ago, drowns herself with work. Endless Beauty, as well as Cheuk Gwan Lam himself, becomes her sole purpose in life. Ringo exploits the trust Rachel has in him, also winning Cheuk Gwan Lam’s approval. Little do they know that Ringo is actually secretly conspiring with a team of talented people on the sly to steal trade secrets from large corporations for money. Ringo has been planning this for years, seeking the best opportunity to take destructive revenge on Endless Beauty.

Ah Sang shows up at Ringo’s warehouse. Tells him that Cheuk Gwan Lam knew Ringo was his son pretty early on and what his motives were at Endless Beauty. The bidding war for TKC and selling of Endless Beauty stocks were all part of Cheuk Gwan Lam’s plans. Even the private loan Ken got for Ringo was from Cheuk Gwan Lam.

Then Ah Sang drops the bag and tells Ringo the explanation is all there. His duty was to pass the bag on to Ringo after Cheuk Gwan Lam’s passing. After he’s said his piece, he leaves.


Ringo opens the bag and finds their time capsule and a letter from Cheuk Gwan Lam. Cheuk Gwan Lam tells him he has a tumor in his brain and that he’s sorry for what happened in the past. The truth is, he didn’t abandon them. Because he wasn’t able to bring the goods back from Thailand, he was forced to go Nepal to make it up. Unfortunately, he got into a car accident and was in the hospital for half a year. When he finally came up, he immediately went to look for them in Thailand but it was too late.


He doesn’t dare hope for Ringo to forgive him. He’s willing to let Ringo unleash whatever plans he has on him and will take it all without resistance. Even if Ringo wants to kill him, he wouldn’t mind. But would doing so really make him happy?

He ends the letter by hoping Ringo would stop his quest for revenge and just live out his life.


Ringo goes to his mother’s memorial stone tablet. Cheuk Gwan Lam is as good as dead in the hospital bed. But he doesn’t feel any ounce of happiness at all. He’s supposed to hate him but he doesn’t.

A few days later, Ah Sang calls Ringo out to help him with a favor. Ah Sang tells Ringo about Lok Yat Fan and Chin Wing Tong’s plan to force Mani to announce the cancellation of the joint project with TKC at the stockholder’s meeting. He asks if Ringo can help save Endless Beauty.


Ringo needs some time to think. He returns to the warehouse but is ambushed and kidnapped. Cyrus happens to sees what happens and calls Yan Yan to track a license plate.

Ringo wakes up tied up on a couch. Chin Wing Tong calls him out on siding with Cheuk Gwan Lam’s lapdog. Ringo tries to tell him that he’s just pretending but Chin Wing Tong doesn’t believe him. Chin Wing Tong tells his men to watch the other carefully; he’ll deal with him when he returns.


Howard is in a hotel room with his father, Chin Wing Tong, and Chan Wing Lam, and just listening to them as they happily discuss their successful plan of taking over Endless Beauty.


Howard is actually on Mani’s side. He put a recording device on his cuff links and is recording the whole conversation going on. Unfortunately, Chan Wing Lam notices Howard acting suspicious with his arm. He finds the recording device and gives it to Lok Yat Fan. The other men get angry at Howard for his betrayal.


Cyrus comes and saves Ringo. The two head to the hotel where the press conference is at to stop it. Ringo promises to explain everything to them once this job is completed.


Mani and Lok Yat Fan enter the room together. She asks for Howard but Lok Yat Fan tells him not to worry about the other.


Once they arrive, Cyrus tells Ringo that orders were given not to let him in. But Ringo isn’t worried since the whole team is back together again.

Yan Yan starts by setting off the car alarm to draw away the security guards at the front of the door. Cyrus and Ringo enter but are soon chased by a large group of thugs.


Turtle comes to save them and holds back the thugs with a fire extinguisher.

The shareholder’s meeting starts. Lok Yat Fan gives a paper for Mani to read from but she refuses to do so until Howard appears. Since Mani is staying silent, Lok Yat Fan takes the reigns and speaks in her place.


Howard is pacing in his room with two other security guards watching him. Amber appears as room service. As one of the guys move to touch the plate cover, he gets zapped and faints. Amber comes from behind and tasers the other guy. She tells Howard to follow her.

Ringo makes it to the shareholder’s meeting room but there are a lot of guards outside. Yan Yan uses a voice changer and sends an order to the guards’ walkie talkies to redirect some of them to another part of the building. The other two left behind gets taken out by Ringo.


Fo Jin appears and about to get into a fight with Ringo when Cyrus intervenes.

Inside, Lok Yat Fan announces that they (Endless Beauty) are not collaborating with TKC and that was a mistake on their part. He also tells everyone that due to this mistake and the potential losses the shareholders will face, Mani will take responsibility and resign.

At that moment, Ringo bursts in and says it’s all a lie. He’s here to reveal the other three men’s nefarious plans to short the company’s stocks and profit immensely from it. Chin Wing Tong denies it but at that moment, the audio recording of their previous discussion in private is blasted from the speakers.


Chin Wing Tong claims that the audio recording is fake but Ringo tells him to check his shirt pocket. Chin Wing Tong reaches in and finds a small recording device in there.


Earlier in the day when Ringo was kidnapped, he assaulted Chin Wing Tong suddenly as a disguise to slip the device into his pocket then without the other knowing.

No matter though. Lok Yat Fat tells him that together, they still have 30% of the shares. They’ll just need a little bit more to completely take over the company.

At that moment, Howard appears and objects.

Ringo announces that if they let the company falls into the other three men’s hands, the other shareholders will lose all their money. He proposes to buy a dollar a share.


Chan Wing Lam comes counteroffers for $1.50 per share. Ringo says he’ll make sure to keep the company running and earning profits if he acquires it. The shareholders are now discussing amongst themselves what to do.

Rachel appears out of no where and says she’ll sell her 3% to Ringo. Mani and Howard both agree to sell their 5% and 10% respectively to Ringo too. This sets off a chain reaction with all the smaller shareholders who all immediately offer to sell their shares.


Chin Wing Tong and Chan Wing Lam both get pissed and leave. Lok Yat Fat gets a heart attack.

Ah Sang shows the video to the sleeping Cheuk Gwan Lam and tells him that his plan worked. Endless Beauty is saved.

Cheuk Gwan Lam wakes up in his dream work and his two wives appear by his side. They tell him their kids have matured and are grown up now. It’s time for him to leave. Cheuk Gwan Lam finally agrees.


Mani, Ringo, Rachel, and Ah Sang go out into the ocean on a boat to scatter Cheuk Gwan Lam’s ashes. They all say their last goodbyes.


Afterwards, Ringo approaches Rachel and thanks her for showing up at the most crucial moment to help him. He’s realized that Rachel has forgiven Cheuk Gwan Lam for what he did. She explains that there’s no point in continuing to hate a dead man. But she’s hasn’t forgiven Ringo yet though. Ringo asks when will she forgive him and continues to follow her until she answers.


The next time at work, Ringo signs the contract to sell all the shares he has of the company to Mani. Mani asks him to stay to help her but he doesn’t think this is a fit for him. The two siblings share a tearful hug before saying their goodbyes.


After having a press conference, Mani and Howard talk about how well the company is doing and about their fathers. Howard once again proposes to Mani but she doesn’t want to ruin their business relationship and rejects. Howard takes it in stride. He tells her he’ll still just keep the ring in the meantime and wait for the day she’ll accept him back.


Amber and Cyrus runs into Yan Yan and Turtle at the warehouse. Turtle wants to thank Ringo. He found out that Ringo has arranged for his brother to undergo treatment and paid for it too.


Now that their days of stealing and sell company secrets are over, each of them are going their own separate ways to do legitimate work.

Ringo goes to his mother’s memorial stone tablet – which now has a picture of her – to say goodbye. He also tells her that if she sees his father, to tell him that he’s really let everything go now.

After some time passed, Rachel and Mr. Hong are leaving their apartment when Mr. Hong spots Ringo’s bicycle against the wall. Then he sees the older man and runs to him, telling him he missed him. Ringo asks if Rachel has forgiven him yet. No matter though because he’s moving back in to be their neighbor.


Rachel chides him for being his usual playful self. She grabs her son and they get into a taxi. Ringo in confused because he thought they were going to eat dinner together. He gets on his  bike and chases after them.

When Rachel sees him, she tells him it’s dangerous. But Ringo is determined to chase after her. She finally agrees to forgive him if he can catch up to her.



Omg I am finally done with this drama. Any last thoughts on this will be done in my series review~!

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