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Operation Love (求婚大作战): Episode 1 Recap

“Operation Love” tells the story of a man who travels back in time to change his fate with his first love who is in the present about to marry another man.

A strange dressing man (angel?) is sitting by the bay monologue-ing about how humans have the power to change their own fates; it’s just that they don’t realize it. As long as they want it enough, wish hard enough, a miracle will happen.

Operation Love_01-2


He walks around the park and wonders who he should help next.

The year is currently 2016 in Shanghai.

A wedding is going on and at the same time someone is deep asleep. The bride, Ji Tian Tian says I do, which is then followed by Yan Xiao Lai saying I do. However, after he says I do, Tian Tian looks shocked. The scenario changes and Xiao Lai isn’t actually the groom, but he still says I do. Everyone in the church is confused.

Operation Love_01-3Operation Love_01-4Operation Love_01-5

Suddenly, an alarm goes off. It’s 10am. Xiao Lai receives a phone call and wakes up frantically to get dressed.

Preparations for the wedding that day are being made. Xiao Lai runs out of his house and runs to the church.

Tian Tian’s friend You Li appears in her dressing room and compliments her on her wedding dress.

Xiao Lai throws himself in front of a taxi to get it to stop. When it does, he quickly gets in.

Operation Love_01-6

You Li excuses herself first and goes out to see their other friends. The guys tell her that Xiao Lai hasn’t arrived yet and isn’t picking up his phone.

Operation Love_01-8

Meanwhile, Xiao Lai is stuck in traffic due to road closures for a marathon. Since it doesn’t look like they’ll be moving any time soon, Xiao Lai gets out and just runs the rest of the way there. He arrives right after the church door closes.

During the wedding ceremony, Xiao Lai is forced to the side as a mic holder. He laments the entire time about how pretty Tian Tian is and how much regrets he has for never confessing to her and missing his chance.

Operation Love_01-9Operation Love_01-10

His sullen mood continues during the reception. Every time someone from their high school days would speak, Xiao Lai would have flashes of their high school memories together.

Operation Love_01-11

The angel dude is at the reception too and just watches Xiao Lai’s pitiful character mope around.

Operation Love_01-12

Later on, as the best friend of the bride since primary school and student of the groom (in university), Xiao Lai is invited to the stage to give a speech. He talks about Tian Tian’s dream of being a cute bride and their good times growing up. Finally, he ends it by wishing the newly wedded couple a happy marriage.

Operation Love_01-13Operation Love_01-14

Xiao Lai continues to have flashbacks of their memories together and wallows in his regrets as a video of the couple is played.

A picture of their high school baseball team triggers his biggest regret. He realizes it was then that he let Tian Tian down. If only he had tried harder during that game. Then maybe the situation would have turned out differently now.

Xiao Lai is suddenly hit with a flash of bright lights. When it clears, the venue is cleared of people. It’s only him and this strange angel dude. The guy tells him he can go back in time to that time in the photo and redo everything he regrets.

Operation Love_01-15

Xiao Lai just goes along with it. He does an outrageous gesture and screams “hallelujah chance!” He’s hit with a bright flash again and is thrown backwards.

Operation Love_01-16Operation Love_01-17

When he comes to, he realizes he’s in the middle of the baseball game back in high school that he regretted not putting his all in. His coach is screaming at him and makes him the substitute for the game against the School of Foreign Languages later that day. After the coach dismisses them, Xiao Lai meets up with his friends and asks them what year it is. It’s 2010. He can’t believe that angel dude actually sent him back in time.

Operation Love_01-18Operation Love_01-19

He sees Tian Tian and is determined to make this competition a beautiful memory for her.

In the locker room, their coach comes to announce the line up for the game. Xiao Lai’s name isn’t called and he badgers the coach to let him play but it’s a no go.

Operation Love_01-20

While Xiao Lai is sitting off to the side during the game, he remembers this is the quarterfinals of the high school league. Whether they can make history and enter the top 4, relies on the outcome of this game.

Operation Love_01-21


How could I not recap this drama when my precious baby is in it lol. Pretty much dropped everything else for this drama. Though I do have my gripes about it. Still mad that they dubbed his voice. The editing done for this was terrible since the voice doesn’t even match the lip movements. It’s so annoying.

Not much to comment about in this first episode other than the fact that I find this cast (outside of Yixing and the guy who plays Hao Nan) to be lacking in visuals. I’m sorry but I like watching pretty people. The teacher’s face bothers me the most. I’m terrible ^^;; But despite liking Yixing, his character Xiao Lai, is pretty annoying. Too…much…monologue…

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