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Operation Love (求婚大作战): Episode 2 Recap

You Li admires and loudly cheers for the other team’s pitcher Luo Hu. Tian Tian tells her friend to control herself.

Tian Tian then has a flashback to when Luo Hu came to find her at school. He’s there to make a bet with her; if he wins at their next baseball game, she has to kiss him. This flusters Tian Tian. She doesn’t accept the bet and huffs away.

Operation Love_02

Hao Nan isn’t doing well at the bat. Their coach calls a time out and sends Xiao Lai out to tell their captain to relax. Hao Nan tells Xiao Lai that he’s tired from staying up all night watching Tony Leung movies because of a girl he likes. Xiao Lai offhandedly tells his friend about a future Tony Leung movie about wing chun and tells Hao Nan to switch from baseball to martial arts – the girl will like him even more. This leaves Hao Nan a bit confused.

Operation Love_02-2

In the end, Hao Nan strikes out. Xiao Lai is sent out to bat next. He gives it his all and hits a home run. Afterwards though, he remembers Luo Hu managed to hit a home run too in the next inning, making the score go from 1:1 to 2:1. Xiao Lai wonders what he can do to stop Luo Hu from hitting a home run.

So he pitches three balls to Luo Hu, giving him a free walk. In his mind, this is the only way to give their team a chance to win and he hopes everyone else can understand. Their coach on the other hand, gets so mad that he has trouble breathing. The medic has to give him an oxygen mask.

Xiao Lai is benched and he just helplessly watches as the other team manages to score yet another point. Then he figures out a solution. He calls Hao Nan over and asks him to let him play. Hao Nan gives in and Xiao Lai goes up to bat.

Operation Love_02-16Operation Love_02-17

Xiao Lai remembers the types of balls Luo Hu throws and manages to hit the last curve ball thrown. He also remembers he was able to hit a triple six years ago too but they still lost. It was because the next batter up was Xiao Duan, who strike out.

In order to try to change the outcome, Xiao Lai doesn’t stop at third base – he continues running trying to make it to home plate. Unfortunately, he gets tagged out and they still lose.

Operation Love_02-13Operation Love_02-18

After the game in the locker rooms, Xiao Duan is scolding Xiao Lai for being selfish and not letting him bat. Xiao Lai tries to explain and tells his friends Xiao Duan and Hao Nan that he’s from the future and he was trying to change the outcome of this game. Xiao Duan’s anger turns to worry and suggest Xiao Lai goes see a doctor for his mental health.

Operation Love_02-19Operation Love_02-20

You Li manages to get Luo Hu’s QQ number and goes to show it off to Tian Tian. Tian Tian doesn’t really care so You Li changes the subject to Xiao Lai. She tells her friend that she saw Xiao Lai being down and tells Tian Tian to go comfort him. Tian Tian doesn’t see any reason why she should.

Operation Love_02-21

You Li explains since Tian Tian and Xiao Lai are childhood best friends, she should do her job of cheering him up. Tian Tian denies it and says they’ve just been classmates since primary school. You Li gets exasperated and tells her friend she should be more honest about her feelings.

In the end, Tian Tian goes see Xiao Lai with a ice cream peace offering. She tries to comfort him and tells him to get over it. Though she does note that he seemed a bit different today. She wonders if it’s because of the talisman she got. Xiao Lai tells her it’s because of his promise to her.

Operation Love_02-3

Tian Tian thinks he’s silly for remembering the promise instead of studying harder. But then she tells him, as she was watching him run, she believed that he would make it to home plate. She has no regrets seeing him work so hard till the end. She thanks him.

Operation Love_02-5Operation Love_02-6

You Li finds the two and calls them over for picture time.

With the flash of the camera, Xiao Lai is sent back to the future. He’s still in the middle of Tian Tian’s wedding reception but the team photo on screen has changed – Tian Tian looks happier now.

Operation Love_02-7Operation Love_02-8

Xiao Lai is shocked and realized the past changed.

There’s another flash and the reception hall is empty saved for him and the Angel dude. He begs for him to give him a second chance to go back to redo things but the Angel dude tells him that it’s impossible to revisit the same photo twice. Xiao Lai is sent back to the present time line and is just completely bewildered.

Operation Love_02-10Operation Love_02-9

On screen, he sees another photo of him with Tian Tian, Luo Hu, Xiao Duan, and You Li. It was taken the day Luo Hu kissed Tian Tian. That is the photo he wants to go back to in order to change that day. The Angel dude grants his wish and he’s thrown back in time, in a face off with Luo Hu.

Operation Love_02-11Operation Love_02-14Operation Love_02-15

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