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Operation Love (求婚大作战): Episode 4 Recap

Back at the wedding, Xiao Lai has a flashback of Tian Tian telling him he doesn’t understand anything. He realizes he has never really tried to understand what was in Tian Tian’s heart. He wishes to go back and try again.

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Angel dude tells Xiao Lai that no matter what happens in the future, he should always trust himself.

Xiao Lai finds himself in the middle of running with Xiao Duan cheering him on. When he cross the “finish line”, he realizes this is a bet between Xiao Duan and Hao Nan: if Xiao Lai can finish running in less than a certain time, Hao Nan has to let Xiao Duan borrow a game. His friends are surprised that he knows about this bet.

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Tian Tian is in the stairwell staring at the CD in her hand.

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Xiao Lai returns to the classroom and ponders over which angle makes him look the most handsome. Tian Tian enters soon after him and gives him back a CD she borrowed from him. Since she liked it so much, he wants her to keep it but Tian Tian is adamant about giving it back. Then she reminds him not to forget her orange juice.

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The rest of their friends return. Xiao Duan sees the CD and wants to borrow it but Tian Tian tells him he can’t. Everyone is shocked and she explains that Xiao Duan ruined the last CD she lent him. Xiao Lai grabs the CD back and assures Tian Tian that he won’t lend it to Xiao Duan. Then the guys leave to go get food.

Xiao Lai remembers he needs to get Tian Tian her orange juice. He goes to busy store and spots a single bottle left. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough money and can’t buy it. Xiao Lai goes back to Tian Tian and tells her he wasn’t able to buy it. She tells him she never had any expectations from him anyways. Xiao Lai dejectedly leaves.

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Xiao Lai goes to the clubhouse to ask Hao Nan to borrow money. Hao Nan says he doesn’t have money  but he found some underneath the lockers and if Xiao Lai can get it, he can have it. Xiao Lai gets on it and manages to find it.

Xiao Lai goes to buy the orange juice but finds out the store is sold out and won’t be restocking till tomorrow. He turns to leave and sees his teacher Da Xiong drinking the last bottle of orange juice. Xiao Lai is in despair.

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He goes to regroup with his buddies and he figures he could go to a store off campus to buy the orange juice.

Tian Tian, You Li, Hao Nan, and Xiao Duan are called to carry something across campus. The four friends are discussing why Xiao Lai is going crazy trying to buy the orange juice. Tian Tian is smiling secretly to herself.

Hao Nan notes that Xiao Lai has been acting strangely lately.

Meanwhile Xiao Lai runs to a convenience store but just as he’s spotted the only bottle of orange juice left, someone beats him to it and grabs it first. He leaves and continues running around.

He comes across someone wheeling a pack of the juice. Turns out the juice are only for the contestants participating in the makeup competition. In order to get the juice, Xiao Lai agrees to participate and is the only male to do so.

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At school, You Li is teasing Tian Tian about Xiao Lai risking his life to get her her orange juice. Tian Tian denies it. She doesn’t want to believe that she’s the one he’s getting the juice for.

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After she parts ways with You Li, Tian Tian goes to the library but leaves dejectedly after finding what she wanted.

Xiao Lai sneaks back onto school campus but is caught by Teacher Da Xiong. Da Xiong snatches Xiao Lai’s orange juice and drinks it in front of him. Xiao Lai is crushed.

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Hao Nan and Xiao Duan find Xiao Lai and make fun of him for his makeup. Xiao Lai attempts to wash it off and the three end up getting into a water fight. Afterwards, Xiao Lai runs into Tian Tian. He tells her he was unable to get her the orange juice. She brushes it off and tells him she’s received his sincerity already.

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Xiao Lai gets really excited seeing her smile and thank him. But then later, he catches a glimpse of her unhappy expression and starts wondering what he did wrong again. He returns to the classroom and he and his friends all decide to make paper airplanes to see who’s can fly the furthest.

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They trick Xiao Lai into being the only one to throw his airplane off the balcony and leave him to get scolded by their teacher for littering.

After the scolding, Xiao Lai goes looking for his friends in the classroom but comes across an empty room and the chalkboard wishing him a happy birthday. He slowly packs up his stuff and intends to meet up with his friends at the burger shop when he remembers the CD Tian Tian gave him earlier in the day. He takes it out and opens it to find a note with the numbers 641~642 written on it. He remembers seeing two library books corresponding to that number on Tian Tian’s desk. Xiao Lai starts running to the library.

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He goes to the correct section and finds a baseball figurine, birthday note, and a bandaid in the space where the books were supposed to be.

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Xiao Lai finally shows up at the shop. Tian Tian notices the bandaid on his hand and smiles happily to herself. You Li drags the other boys to go get food, giving Xiao Lai and Tian Tian some alone time. Xiao Lai sits across from Tian Tian and takes out her presents and thanks her with a voucher for orange juice.

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The other three come back out with a birthday cake for Xiao Lai. After he blows out the candle, the shop keeper helps them take a picture together, sending Xiao Lai back to the future at Tian Tian’s wedding. Nothing much has changed.

Operation Love_04 (22 of 23)Operation Love_04 (23 of 23)


The blatant product placement man…lol. I find it so hilarious. On the other hand, I noticed they used the original audio (aka I could hear Yixing’s voice) here and there throughout the episode. It was tiny but it still made me excited. I wish they didn’t dub over him.

So, although I love Yixing with all my heart, I cannot for the life of me watch this drama. I hate everything about it and the plot is so stupid and mindless that I want to bash my head in watching it. Therefore, I’d like to say that this is going to be the last recap I do for this drama. I’m still going to force myself to finish watching this (I’m only on 10/32 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ) but I just absolutely cannot stomach doing recaps anymore. Just want to get this drama over with in support of my idol.

I may or may not come back with a series review. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Operation Love (求婚大作战): Episode 4 Recap

  1. I thought i should read some recaps and googled and your 1st 4 episodes recaps are the 1st 4 google results. I’m on episode 17 and completely agree with your views. Direction, Script writing and acting all are bad. Everything is so illogical and nonsense that instead of fun it becomes irritating and things frustrate you to no point. Background Main theme is good and i think that’s the only +ve attribute of the show. Such emotional story and scriptwriter totally ruined it. I find all friends of Xiao Lai incompetent and even a big burden. The guy has run several kilometers every episode to do things for his princess. The angel dude just talks mumble-jumble and contradicts himself in next few episodes. The angel dude is also pretty biased and see things one way and accuse the hero of not understanding the big picture. The drama is emotionally bankrupt.

    I like Yixing and only watching show for his pretty face and hero’s determination.

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