Hi there! I’m just another random girl that loves her asian dramas. I am more inclined towards Chinese and Korean dramas. My favorite genres are crime/mystery/detective types. Not too much of a romance-type person but I do watch them occasionally when I’m up to it. I would also watch the drama if I like the leads or it’s a drama by one of my favorite actors/actress.

This blog is my attempt at reviewing what I watch, but in reality, it’s just a place for me to spazz since I feel guilty doing it on my twitter lol. So what to expect from this blog? Brief attempts at being objective and ‘professional‘ and lots of personal commentaries and spazzing. ^^ I’ll try to review every drama I watch from here on out but sometimes I’m just gonna be too lazy haha but I hope you enjoy anyways!

I try to have at least one post a day and drama/movie reviews posted on the weekends (if I’m currently recapping a drama) ^///^ If there’s something you would like me to recap/review, please feel free to contact me about it!

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