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Operation Love (求婚大作战): Episode 3 Recap

Xiao Lai is sent back in time and finds himself helping Xiao Duan hold Luo Hu back.

You Li appears and chides her two classmates for bothering Luo Hu. Apparently she had invited the other here to teach her how to swim. After the pair leaves, Xiao Lai is wondering why the heck he’s there. Then he remembers he needs to stop Tian Tian from meeting up with Luo Hu at the swimming pool and runs after them.

Operation Love_03Operation Love_03-2

Xiao Lai goes to find Tian Tian and tells her he wants to go study with her at the library. Tian Tian thinks he’s acting weird and refuses. She needs a break from studying and already has plans to meet up with You Li at the swimming pool. Xiao Lai is persistent in trying to get her to change her mind.

Operation Love_03-3Operation Love_03-4

At the swimming pool, You Li is enjoying herself with her swimming lesson with Luo Hu. Xiao Duan is eyeing them enviously. Hao Nan is there too but is just fine playing by himself.

Their teacher comes and finds Tian Tian and Xiao Lai bickering. He praises Tian Tian and sends her on her way to the pool. Meanwhile Xiao Lai is left behind to get scolded for a bit before he too is released.

Xiao Lai runs to the pool and calls You Li over. He tells her to quickly take Luo Hu away. He admits that he, Luo Hu, and Tian Tian were middle school classmates. Luo Hu’s only reason for coming here was to see Tian Tian, not You Li. She doesn’t believe him and tells him to scram.

Operation Love_03-5

Soon, Tian Tian appears. Xiao Lai tries to pull her away but the two slip and fall into the pool.

Operation Love_03-6Operation Love_03-7

After the two get changed, Xiao Lai gets scolded by their Teacher Da Xiong. Tian Tian tries to come to her friend’s defense but the teacher dismisses her and continues to blame Xiao Lai. After his teacher is done yelling at Xiao Lai, he too is dismissed.

Operation Love_03-8

Xiao Lai catches up with Tian Tian but the two run into an incensed You Li. Xiao Duan and Hao Nan are trailing behind her. You Li yells at Xiao Lai for getting in the way of her plans of getting closer to Luo Hu. Xiao Lai can only apologize.

Operation Love_03-9

Just then Luo Hu appears. You Li wants to speak with him but he has something to say to Tian Tian first. He tells Tian Tian that she lost and it just reminds her of the bet he made with her.

Operation Love_03-10

Xiao Lai gets agitated seeing the two interact and starts coughing. Hao Nan suggests they go get medicine for him and the two males drag Tian Tian with them. After they leave, You Li asks to speak to Luo Hu. She tells him that she thinks they’re fitting together but Luo Hu doesn’t agree.

Operation Love_03-11

Xiao Duan continues to interrupt the pair, trying to drag You Li away. You Li gets annoyed. Luo Hu is just amused.

Xiao Lai, Hao Nan, and Tian Tian go to the shop to buy drinks. Xiao Lai wants to treat them but he doesn’t have enough money. In the end, it’s Tian Tian who paid for it.

Operation Love_03-12

You Li soon returns to the classroom and declares she will not give up on Luo Hu and gets Tian Tian to help her win him over. All her friends are just staring speechlessly at her.

Operation Love_03-13Operation Love_03-14

Later, Xiao Lai gets a message from Luo Hu asking to meet up. Xiao Lai goes to meet up with him to find out what’s up. Luo Hu taunts Xiao Lai about his crush on Tian Tian. Then he makes a bet with the other. Whoever loses is not allowed to get close to Tian Tian anymore. Xiao Lai agrees to it.

Operation Love_03-15

The two head to the arcade and compete with each other over numerous games. Xiao Lai wins in the end.

Operation Love_03-16Operation Love_03-17

He returns back to school and continues their self-study session. When he looks up, he stares at Tian Tian and smiles. It’s so late, he figured Luo Hu would have left by now.

The next time he looks up, he notices Tian Tian is gone from her seat. He realizes she must have gone to the field to make her rounds. He remembers Tian Tian bumping into Luo Hu before and that’s when the kiss happened. He refuses to let it happen again and abruptly runs out of the classroom. His friends are like wtf.

You Li goes after him to see what he’s up to. Xiao Lai tells her to go look for Luo Hu otherwise she’ll regret it. Then he runs off again.

Hao Nan and Xiao Duan follow Xiao Lai on to the field. They split up with Hao Nan and Xiao Duan looking to light up the field and Xiao Lai looking for Tian Tian.

Operation Love_03-18

Hao Nan and Xiao Duan finds the switch box for the field lights but it’s locked. So they change tactics and start climbing up the light pole instead.

Operation Love_03-19

Luo Hu is just chilling by the soccer goal when he sees Tian Tian walk pass him. He calls to her. Since she’s on patrol duty, she tries to brush him off but Luo Hu grabs her arm and starts leaning in.

Operation Love_03-20Operation Love_03-21

Xiao Lai remembers the kiss happens nearby the field lights and dashes in that direction. He’s nearby when he spots Luo Hu and Tian Tian together. He makes a mad dash towards them and pushes Tian Tian out of the way. Luo Hu ends up kissing Xiao Lai on the lips.

Operation Love_03-22Operation Love_03-23Operation Love_03-24

At that moment, all the lights go on the field. Every one is shocked by scene in front of them.

The next day, a notice of warning goes up for Xiao Lai, Xiao Duan, and Hao Nan for breaking the rules. Xiao Lai doesn’t mind though because it was all worth it to protect Tian Tian’s first kiss.

Operation Love_03-25

The next time they see Luo Hu, they’re seeing him off since he’s going abroad. Luo Hu goes to greet Tian Tian with a hug but Xiao Lai comes in between them and pushes the other away. The trio briefly chats before Luo Hu pulls Xiao Lai aside and advises him to confess to Tian Tian soon before he regrets it.

Operation Love_03-26

You Li appears with Xiao Duan tailing her. She gives Luo Hu a photobook of herself as a going away gift to him. Then the five of them decide to take a picture together. You Li and Tian Tian gets mischievous. Right as they’re about to take the picture, the two turn Xiao Lai and Luo Hu’s heads towards each other to force them to kiss again. The flash takes Xiao Lai back to the present.

Operation Love_03-27

The photo is silly but nothing has changed. He is still at Tian Tian’s wedding.

Operation Love_03-28

He meets up with the Angel dude again and he advises Xiao Lai to focus and think carefully about his regrets. Xiao Lai is hoping the Angel guy will help him.

Operation Love_03-29

He’s sent back to the wedding scene and a new friend photo (where Tian Tian and Xiao Lai are both upset) on the screen.

Operation Love_03-30Operation Love_03-31


Xiao Duan annoys the crap out of me.

Yixing is so damn handsome in this drama. Please excuse the excessive screen caps. I can’t get enough of his beautiful face haha ♡

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